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Personal Injury

If you’ve been hurt as a result of someone’s negligence, we can help. We’ve represented clients injured in all kinds of accidents, including those involving motor vehicles, subways, rails, steps, trips, slips, and falls.

Commercial Litigation

People divorce. Business owners and partners may dissolve a business, or buy each other out. The disputes in these cases can be very heated, and the emotion of a business dispute is often the same as a divorce.

Estate Litigation

Did someone exert undue influence over a deceased friend or relative? The sick and elderly can be taken advantage of. If a Will or Trust was prepared that makes no sense or makes you suspicious an investigation may reveal wrongdoing. If wrongdoing is found the Courts provide a remedy to undo the damage.

Bankruptcy/Loan Modifications

Record numbers of people are experiencing the stressful process of seeking the protection of bankruptcy court. Our attorneys can assist you whether you need to file bankruptcy or a you need a loan modification.

Matrimonial Issues

Whether you need a separation agreement or a divorce, you need an attorney who with aggressively advocate on your behalf without adding unnecessary grief or expense.

Criminal Matters

When an attorney is needed for a criminal matter, be it a traffic violation or a serious felony, you may feel a great deal of pressure. Finding the right attorney may seem daunting. The attorneys of the Martin Law Group are experienced and can help.


Appeals are a unique area of law in which a lower court’s ruling needs to be upheld or overturned. Our attorneys have significant experience in appealing both criminal and civil matters and can assist you whether you’re appealing a ruling or defending one.