Michael Martin

What is a Living Will & Health Care Proxy?

If the time ever comes when you are ill and are not able to communicate your desires, a living will and health care proxy are health care directives that doctors rely upon to provide guidance for your care. Protecting your healthcare wishes and desires in the event of illness, accident, or advanced age, is very important. Don’t leave the big decisions up to a stranger or someone who does not have the same health care desires as you. Take charge of your own health care choices before it is too late. 

A Living Will details the type of care you want, or do not want. It spells out your health care preferences but it does not cover any property distribution. This is an important document in the event that you incapable of making your own health care decisions.

A Health Care Proxy appoints someone else to make health care decisions for you if you lose the ability to do so. This person becomes your health care agent and can make any necessary health care decisions for you to ensure you are given the type of care you wish to receive. This gives your health care provider someone to discuss your health with. Otherwise, federal privacy laws such as HIPPA prevents a doctor from speaking with family members and friends who may be able to provide insight as to how you would like to be treated. A health care proxy will gift you a voice you would have otherwise not had in the events of ill health.